Montreal Style Bagels

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Bagels are dense and chewy and most famous in New York and Montreal, though you can find bagels lovers all over the world now.

Bagels originated in 16th Century Europe and the trademark centre hole may have originated to allow bagel sellers to string fresh bagels on a rope around their necks as they walked the streets selling their wares.

Real bagels are always hand formed and boiled briefly before being baked in a very hot oven and this special step ensures the dense chewiness that bagel lovers crave. Modern bagel making techniques using machine forming and steaming instead of baking cannot even approach the unique qualities of traditionally made bagels such as these ones George’s Gourmet Kitchen sells. We take no shortcuts and use only the best quality ingredients and traditional recipes and techniques.

Ingredients:  Wheat flour (maida), malted whole wheat, jaggery, salt, yeast, vitamin C

No additives, No preservatives.

Pack of 4